yycBlogs Launches Thursday May 14, 2009

One of the benefits of attending a slew of the Calgary Demo Camps and being a participant in a few yycTweet-ups, has been the ability to watch a unified Design/Tech community grow. From the development of the yycTwits to the Calgary Twestival a couple of months ago. The community just seems to be growing.

And now the Calgary Blogging community has a new home – with the release of yycBlogs – an aggregate web site of all the Calgary based blogs.


Now, blog aggregates and Power Rings have been around the internet since the glory days of Geocities. For the most part, these sites have done fairly little to actually drive traffic or give readers a reason to frequent them. Stereotypically they’ve been plagued by bad design, bad coding and a very political tinge (I’m looking at you Alberta Blogs).

But what Duncan and Chad have put together is a great little site, that not only promotes the Calgary blogs, but showcases them in an even manner. There’s no favoritism or topical prejudice, just great content.

If you’re looking for some new content to check out with a local tinge, please check out yycBlogs. I know I’ve already discovered a couple of blogs, that I didn’t know existed.

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