Sponsored By Zombies Wednesday May 6, 2009

So, you’ll probably notice something a little new on the ol’overdrive…

What, you finally fixed the floating lion and some of the spacing issues

No, but you’d be close. Look harder.

Ah, you’re sponsored by Zombies!

Yes, you’re sorta right.

If you’ve been reading the site for a while, you’ll know that I’ve experimented with a slew of different forms of monetization for c.t.overdrive. Most have failed miserably and subsequently diminished what’s left of the site’s integrity. But now I’ve found a solution that not only do I support, but that actually reflects the theme of c.t.overdrive.

Anyways, I’ve aligned with GoMedia’s Affiliate program to promote some of the great vector, fail stickers, t-shirt templates and design products from GoMedia’s arsenal.

Yes, not only are these products somewhat inline with the site, but GoMedia’s products are something I use on a daily basis. Yes, I actually stand behind the products on the site (unlike the horrible dating sites of yesteryear). If you look at the vectors on this site you’ll see at least three different examples of GoMedia’s great work. So if you’re a designer looking to add to your toolkit click on the ads, spend a bit of money and make your clients go ooooooo.

(A shoutout goes towards Rhet Soveran’s Bailing Bucket site for planting the affiliate seed)

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