The Luddite Toolkit Tuesday May 5, 2009

So if you haven’t heard, I’m pretty proud of the fact that I’m an outcast when it comes my fellow designers. I’m somewhat of a self-proclaimed luddite. So it comes with exciting news that I finally took the plunge in to the cult of Apple.

Yes, kiddies, I now own my own iPod Touch (thanks to Travis and his patience).

So to celebrate this monumental technological graduation, I thought I would capture the c.t.overdrive approved luddite toolkit.

Yes, two moleskin notebooks (stuff white people like?), a Polaroid camera, an old bright f$%^ing pink shuffle and a craptastic Nokia phone. Everything a graphic designer would need without the technology. Who needs a digital SLR camera when you’ve got a Polaroid camera. Who needs a MacBook when you’ve got a Large Moleskin. Who needs a iCal when you’ve got a small moleskin….

Who am I kidding, welcome to the 21st century everyone.

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