Random Thoughts For OffTheBeatenTracks.Tv Friday May 8, 2009

So I’ve already featured this little project once on c.t.overdrive, but it truly deserve a second round of promotion.

Essentially, it’s a guerrilla music project where Musicians play lo-fi acoustic gigs in unusual locations throughout Edinburgh (and other sections of Scotland). While most projects of this nature tend to fade into obscurity after the initial pressing, OffthebeatenTrack.Tv is churning out some great episodes. Take for example this little gem from Episode 3 with Malcolm Middleton.

OTBT #3.2 – Malcolm Middleton – Returning from Off The Beaten Tracks on Vimeo.

See, pure beauty. (And it looks even better on an iPod when your trying to get started for the day)

First – So, the NHLPA doesn’t want the Islanders any more … I’m sure the famed Captain Highlander Logo of the early nineties has something to say about that.

Second – A great Obey/Overlord Obama shot from Mr. Miller’s ReadMeansRun photoblog.

Third – On Tuesday there was a panel discussion on Journalism that was held at Vicious Circle. Unfortunately, a case of the nonswine flu variety kept me on the sidelines from the conversation, but thankfully Duncan Kinney was in attendance and has a great synopsis on his personal blog. One of the most thought provoking comments from Duncan’s write-up comes via David Cohn regarding old school journalism and the new wave crowd journalism.

Online: Content is king. I don’t disagree. But collaboration is queen. In chess the king is the most important, but the queen is the most powerful.

Fourth – From the Stalelife guysMeat Cards.

Fifth – Rona marketing geniuses piggyback off of Apple’s branding brilliance.

Sixth – Calgary based Robots & Pencils has launched a cute new iPhone game/app/pleasetusslemyhairthingy called CrushFactor. Being that I’m engaged I thankfully have no need to impress women at the bar with hand puppets. Therefore, I probably won’t be downloading this app, but for all you single people out there check it out. Download it. And the help spread the gift of water to others around the world. (Btw the video is NSFW)

Seventh – Poploser (i.e. Tyler C. Hellard) picks his top amusements for May 2008. Key pick of the month has to be the release of FNL Season 3.

Eighth – I know I’ve been talking about Hockey a whole lot on the overdrive, but it’s almost impossible to avoid. Especially with all the turmoil regarding a handful of franchises that seem to be in financial trouble.

With all the brew-ha around Jim Basille (of Blackberry fame) and Gary Bettman (of NHL Commissioner fame) the best source of information appears to be Jim Mirtle’s fabulous From The Rink Blog. If your interested in a level headed look at the situation take a gander there.

Ninth – While they might not be as cool as meatcards, these are some great business cards.

Tenth – Well, what do we have here? It looks like there is a bit of controversy brewing between City Council/The Calgary Herald and the Plan It Commitee/Citizens of this Fair City.

The Urban Studies in me is dying to see the Plan It idea approved by city council, but the realist in me knows that this will die a horrible death. One, that not even the great Byron Miller and spirit of Jane Jacobs can prevent. The combination of inept Alderman and an archaic anti-change local media, is going to crush this important step forward.

It’s a real shame, because in forty years when the city has sprawled into a gruesome wasteland like Houston, we’re all going to look back at this time and shake out heads with disbelief. Sorta in the same way we all view the concept of smoking sections in an airplane.

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I like the quote about kings and queens of online journalism. It’s a known fact that us journalists just hate working in groups, but it’s a huge hindrance to modern reporting. Thanks for the link!

Lyndsie · May 8, 09:09 am · #permalink


Hrrrmmm…. something about the chess analogy doesn’t sit well with me.
(Because I’m a cranky bastard)
Maybe it’s the fact that a chess board is closed: ‘power’ and ‘importance’ only have meaning in particular ways. If this metaphor is meant to capture the ‘newness’ of emerging journalistic forms, then something is lacking here…

Some of this discussion also lumps all ‘journalism’ into a single category.
Are we talking about local investigative journalism? International war correspondence? Editorials and essays?
I agree that ‘collaboration’ matters, and that certain technological affordances can increase collaboration, but no amount of networking can substitute for thoughtful, purposeful journalism. People need to have certain skill sets and professional codes BEFORE they participate in collaborative journalism.

Also, if I have to hear Arianna goddam Huffington say one more word about the blogosphere, I’m going to puke my brains out through my ass.
We get it. Your site is popular. Know what? If I had Alec Baldwin blogging for no money, I might be popular too.

Leave ya with this:

“People don’t read newspapers – they step into them every morning like a hot bath.” – Marshall McLuhan

Newspapers aren’t just about ‘content’. They are a daily ritual – portable, shareable, multi-use. Grab one at the subway station, read it in 20 minutes, do the Soduku puzzle, and leave it on the train for someone else.
As comforting as…. a hot bath.

Jamie · May 8, 09:49 am · #permalink


“People don’t read newspapers – they step into them every morning like a hot bath.” – Marshall McLuhan

That could be one of the most truthful quotes I’ve ever heard about newspapers (and the print industry in general).

Unfortunately, how much of that ideal feeling is going to survive past the next 20 years? After a few generations have grown up with a majority of their news and information sent to them via the web, what percentage of the population is going to have the same physical and emotion connection with newspapers. To me, it’s sorta how the younger generation feels about CDs and music as a physical product nowadays.

Personally, I love cracking a CD open and pulling out the liner notes, but kids who’ve grown up in the age after Napster don’t get the same sort of sensation that we do (did) with CDs. That’s really the travesty in all of this.

But hey, at least circulation of the Metro Newspaper is on the rise! (which is the newspaper equivalent of selling ringtones)

cto · May 8, 09:04 pm · #permalink


And by the way – “I’m going to puke my brains out through my ass.” has to be the single greatest comment left on this web site.

cto · May 9, 03:10 pm · #permalink


You’re far too kind. Thank you so much for your continued support. It really means a lot.

Andy · May 9, 03:12 pm · #permalink

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