Random Thoughts For The 2009 Sled Island Launch Friday May 1, 2009

Great news for the Calgary music scene today, as the third version of the Sled Island Festival is launching it’s line-up today.

Sled Island 2009 is a coming...

And as always, the ol’ ctoverdrive will be providing it’s two cents with another Sled Island Preview before the festival kicks off. Which I will probably release the morning of June 24th.

(BTW a big congrats goes out to Zak for bringing another round of great music to the city)

Update: Here’s the Official Sneak Peak of the line-up: (via Consequences of Sound & SledIsland’s Official Page).

Advantage, Andrew W.K., Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir, Anvil, Battle Snakes, The Breeders, The Bronx, The Coathangers, The Cripple Creek Fairies, The Dead Science, The Dudes, The Evaporators, Flash Lightnin’, Githead, HEALTH, Hollerado, Holy Fuck, Hot Little Rocket, Japandroids, Jonathan Toubin, The King Khan & BBQ Show, Ladyhawk, Library Voices, Malajube, Monotonix, Mount Eerie, O’Death, Obits, The Pack A.D., Quintron & Miss Pussycat, The Rural Alberta Advantage, Slim Twig, The Sublinguals, Tricky Woo, The United Steel Workers of Montreal, The Whitsundays, Women, Woodhands

First – For SXSW attendees, here’s a link that explains the design for the SXSW grab bags that were given out this year.

For those of you who threw them out seconds after receiving them, this is what they looked like.

Second – It took me until last Monday to finally see this animated gem of a video for Kanye West’s Good Morning (via @afoster). Such a great little animated video, now if only he’d understand why Fishsticks are funny. (via. Jamie)

Fourth From LaughingSquid.com an interesting and mesmerizing new art piece in New York honoring merchant mariners lost in World War II.

(P.S. Look at the link to see how it looks when the tide rises)

Fifth – Even though my precious flames were removed by the Blackhawks, at least there is some solid Flames news floating around in the Duubya-H-L. Mikael Backland of the Kelowna Cute Dragon Faces (errr….Rockets) is tearing up the playoff scoring race.

Sixth – I know, I KNOW! There seems to be a small glimmer of hope that it might happen; but for the love of god people the Winnipeg Jets are never coming back to Canada. Sorry, I hate to burst your bubble.

Seventh – This actually upsets me and I know it’s going to be out of the blue, but the fact that Jon and Kate are on the rocks is kinda depressing. I’m not going to lie, we’re notoriously guilty of watching this show on a weekly basis and marveling at their supposed rocksolid relationship. So seeing this is kinda depressing….Sorta the same sort of let down from finding out that Vince thinks Paris Hilton is a solid human being.

Eighth – No, like seriously people, give up the dream! The Coyotes are never coming back to Winnipeg!. Houston, Vegas and Kansas City are higher on the NHL’s priority list.

Ninth – And to finish off the week, eBoy.com has a new set of digi-pixel stickers for your enjoyment.

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A few comments:

Glad you’re headed to Sled Island. Looks like a solid lineup. A bit of a gong show maybe ;) Make sure you see Monotonix. Amazing.

I still have a 1995 Winnipeg Jets jersey. I was born there. I know, this has no bearing on what you said.

Those eBoy stickers are fly!

Andy · May 4, 02:18 am · #permalink



Sled Island will be a gong show man… It’s always a gong show, man. Especially if Monotix is playing.

I forgot that you were a Winnipegger by birth. It’s a neat little city and fans are super passionate about their hockey and the Jets, but the unfortunate thing is that they will probably never get the Jets back. It’s just an unfortunate economic/demographics reality. A true shame, because if there is any city in the world that deserves a pro team, it’s Winnipeg.

That being said, that Winnipeg Jets Jersey is a collectors item. I wouldn’t throw that sucker away, you’d be surprised how cherished Jets paraphernalia is in Canada.

cto · May 5, 08:20 am · #permalink

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