Drinking With Zombies Thursday May 11, 2006

This Friday (May 12th) one my favorite local bands The Cryptomaniacs are headlining the newly revived Castle Pub. It would be a disservice to yourself if you didn’t catch the show. Plus for all you drinking folk the Friday night special is $4.75 pints of Guinness. How can you say no to such an indecent proposal?

Alright, I would be lying to you if i didn’t say that I am foolish cheerleader of the Cryptos. But I’ve seen them a handful of times and I still can’t get enough of their brand of zombie invested rock-ability. With songs like The Headless Cowboy, Vampire Bar Fight, Deadmontonia and Drinking with Zombies how can you possibly go wrong? They have even included an organ in to their sound. Rumor is that they will be pressing a vinyl record in the new future and they will be adding more Mexican Firebreathing Lucidora midgets to their stage show. (Okay maybe that last part is somewhat of an exaggeration.) Excellent Rock-a-billy, Zombies, Cheap Guiness, Lucidora Masks, an Organ and Vampire Bar Fights; what else do you need for a good time? Honestly they put on one of the best live shows in the city and its always a treat to catch’em live.

On another musical note, apparently the new Red Hot Chili Peppers Album – Stadium Arcadium record is stupid ass good. Better than By the Way and along the lines of the best elements of Californication. Since I still believe Californication was one of the most complete records released in the 90’s, Stadium Arcadium should be well worth it.

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