Random Thoughts For A Silent Auction Friday April 24, 2009

This Saturday night, my esteemed fiancée and her best friend are holding a Silent Auction to raise funds for their participation in the Weekend To End Breast Cancer 2009.

Caitlin & Krystal's Silent Auction Fundraiser

Like last year they are trying to surpass their goal of $4,000 dollars; so this year they are holding a Silent Auction at Limerick’s on MacLeod Trail this Saturday at 7:00pm. (with a $20.00 donation at the door.)

But wait, this isn’t just any Silent Auction, because there are some sweet items up for grabs including:

  • A Web Site/Personal Blog from The Corporation.
  • A private Helicopter ride of our fair city.
  • A day of Ice Boating with Stefan from Speedspecialists.com.
  • A SteamWhistle prize pack.
  • Spulombos Gift certificates, Free Oil Change, Aveda Products, and much much more.

We all know that the game is on that night and your going to a pub anyways, so you might as well help out a good cause and save some boobs. Right? Because who doesn’t want to save boobs.

First – Love twitter? Can’t use it at work? Then check out Elliot Kember’s SpreadTweet Application. It’s basically twitter in an Excel Spreadsheet.

Second – Some sexy sweet love for Anad and Bumptop in the latest edition of Business Week.

Third – Well, If anything, setting up a tumblr account is quite possibly one of the easiest user set-ups I’ve ever come across.

c.t.umblr! - c.t.overdrive on tumblr

Anyways, If you are curious as to what I’m talking about, I’ve staked a claim to c.t.overdrive in the tumblr realm. You can find me at ctoverdrive.tumblr.com. I haven’t decided how it will integrate into the main site, but over the next few weeks I’m going to continuously play with it and we’ll see what happens.

Who knows it might just be a great place to dump links for people.

Fourth – The godfather of Cork sports, Roy Keane, has reemerged from his sudden departure from Sunderland Football Club to be announced as the new Manager of Ipswich. While some people are shocked at the sudden turn of events, all I’ve got to add is, this is how they do it in Cork.

Keane had been annoyed at suggestions that his departure from Sunderland reflected a maverick personality incompatible with football management and added: “Football is in my blood. I’d just had enough at Sunderland. Things had changed. End of bloody story.”

Arrogance? Check. Bitter and grumpiness? Check. Foul Language? Check.

Yup, that’s as Cork as you can get.

Fifth – A collection of Knitted Starwars hats (via. Mr. Trevor Smith…but he has no idea I’m using his link from a facebook email four months ago)

Sixth – Hot Pink? Check! Great Font? Check! Threatening to Destroy everyone you meet? Checkmate! Rumplo’s – Prepare to Meet Thy Doom Shirt

Seventh – DownGoesBrown.com takes a spin with Google Similar Images and the NHL. (NSFW)

Eighth – Wow, how can you tell that the first round of the NHL Playoffs are on? Every single one of my random posts has a hockey tinge … Anyways, here’s further proof that the fans in Philadelphia are by far … and I mean by far … the most vicious fans in North America. (NSFW)

Ninth – So much stuff that white people like in such an epic article – Doggie Yoga. It’s like a written Voltron of SWPL.

Tenth – On another esteemed fiancée note, there has been a bit of a glutastic-rebellion against a poorly written Avenue magazine piece on Gluten free living as a ‘trendy lifestyle choice’. There is so much wrong with the original article from sourcing a ludicrous herbalist to equating Celiac Disease to leaky gut syndrome. (Yeah, I’m serious)

But if you want a good laugh check out the Glutastic’s response.

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