Random Thoughts For Woody Harrelson Friday April 17, 2009

We all know that Woody Harrelson was really the cog the kept the Cheers machine rolling in the early 80’s. Because really who didn’t love dimwitted Woody?

Well this little gem off information from CNN just further proves that Woody Harrelson really is a thespian genius.

Woody Harrelson claims he mistook the photographer (that he assaulted) for a zombie.

Not only did Harrelson smash the camera of pesky TMZ photographer, but he blamed it on Zombies … Woody Harrelson, you truly are the king of kings.

First – An interesting take on the whole Somali Pirates situation, by Canadian/Somalian rapper K’naan. (via HuffingtonPost)

Well, in Somalia, the answer is: it’s complicated.

Now don’t go flaming me for posting that article, just take that bit of information with a grain of salt.

SecondNBC Washington features Bumptop on their local broadcast.

Third – Wired magazine finally explains this whole Settler Boardgame phenomena in plain English. There are a couple people who read this that play this religiously and to be frankly I’ve never understood the attraction… but after reading this article I can see the attraction, it sounds kinda riveting … personally I’ll just stick to Mega Man 2.

Fourth – The syndicate of hockey blogs run by the company SB Nation has scored a deal to be linked on NHL.com’s main web site. Which is great news if your a fan of From The Rink – James Mirtle’s blog, which is by far one of the most interesting hockey sites out there. It’s also great news if you want to see a sports league actually start embracing unfiltered opinions on their main web site.

One of the major complaints about the web sites of the 5 Major Leagues, is that they typically refuse to deliver the raw truth. Most league sanctioned articles and spots on the site are designed to candy coat the truth and pump the league as being this almighty perfect entity. Having SB Nation’s set of hockey blogs appear on the first page is a first step in reducing that perfect gleam and increase the NHL’s transparency with real opinions.

Fifth – This great little article from the godmother of blogging made me laugh out loud.

Sixth – The great Roger Millions drops a cs bomb on sportsnet connected… I’m sure this clip will be pulled before anyone gets a chance to see on here though.

Seventh – Wolverine apparently likes milk...

It’s a pretty great ad campaign, but one things for sure, you wouldn’t see spider man selling out like that … well except for the whole spiderman fishing rod fiasco. That was just a bad call.

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