Kumar vs. The White House Tuesday April 7, 2009

Spoiler Alert for House Fans

So last night we were watching House. Not to say we are like hardcore House fans, but we enjoy it. It’s funny, weird and all together a great show… Anyways.

If you didn’t catch last night’s episode, for what seemed like no reason, Kal Penn’s character committed suicide in the first five minutes of the show. Which was a complete WTF Mate? moment. (Subsequently, if Katherine Heigl’s character in an ongoing drama was dealt with in a similar fashion … how awesome would that show be? Okay maybe not.)

Anyways, it was revealed today that the sudden switch in character arch, wasn’t due to a horrible contract negotiation for more hamburgers in his green room or even a change in the shows direction. Rather Kumar (um…Kal Penn) has accepted a position in Obama’s administration as Arts Liaison.

Yes, I kid you not. Kumar has taken a role with the White House and the great Obama.

And before everyone starts going on about what a ridiculous appointment this is. It does look like he’s got some pretty impressive Political Chops.

I just thought you’d all like to know.

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