Random Thoughts For Not Going The Extra Mile Friday April 10, 2009


I know there is probably one thousand and twelve things wrong with posting on good Friday, but this week was hectic and I wasn’t really interested in going the extra mile to post before the long weekend. Anyways….

First – If you happen to be a sandwich shop and you can’t afford to hire a somewhat overweight man to eat your food for a year and lose a bunch of weight, here’s probably the next best thing as far as promotional campaigns go...

Second – In retrospect, all though it was kinda exciting to see some of the protests in Calgary over the past month. You know the GWB protests and then the Skinny Pants vs. The Skinheads rumble downtown a couple of weeks ago… You have to admit that Londoners really know how to protest.

With their elaborate masks and vicious tenacity, they pretty much put everyone in the world to shame when it comes to protesting. Here’s a stunning pictorial to prove my point.

Third – Eminem’s new music video has come out and Entertainment Weekly has a preview of it. Besides the obvious – Is it really original to make fun of Ellen DeGeneres question, I want to ask this question.

Is Eminem even relevant any more?

Fourth – A couple of weeks ago I talked about personal branding and how important it is becoming to this generation and the generation below us. Well, If you’re interested in this topic, you should take a gander at a new book called – Me 2.0: Build a Powerful Brand to Achieve Success

It’s been getting a bunch of buzz from Web Guru blogs.

Fifth – Billy Bob Thorton acts like an a$$hat up during an interview with the Guy from Moxy Fruvious’ on the Q Show. I like to call this Moxy Fruvious vs. Billy Bob Thorton.

Around the 7:00 minute mark, Billy Bob Thorton really turns into a self-righteous bastard. You have to hand it to Gomeshi because he really handles it like a pro.

Update: The internet is a little too quick for me these days. Seems that this is one of the top stories in the Digg Nation.

Sixth – Ohh man it’s Official the HoodInternet are on their game now kiddies.

Not only is the Flo.rida vs MSRTKFT track incredibly good, but they’ve released another Phil Collins remix …

In The Air Ce Soir (Phil Collins vs Yelle) – The Hood Internet

Ah … Reminds me of yesteryear dressing up as Phil for Halloween and Jukes’ wedding powerpoint.

Seventh – For all of those people itching to give their Photoshop skills a try. Here’s a great tutorial on how to build a simple Retro Poster.

Now that you can pull that off, your three steps of the way from becoming a fully fledged wed designer… well sorta.

Eighth – Techcrunch was really on fire this week for stories. First there was the series of articles hammering more nails into the coffin of budding journalists everywhere – Who the Hell is Enrolling in Journalism Schools now? and That Whining Sound is the Death of Newspapers. Then they released an article on how the new Facebook is confusing your Mum. (Ironically, my dad joined facebook the next day).

I don’t know about you, but I think someone was messing with the corn flakes at the Techcrunch hope office.

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