Random Thoughts For A Certain Dutchman Friday April 3, 2009

So, I was doing some online banking with a certain Dutch Bank, that has a certain Dutchman who rides glass elevators and constantly assures me that he’ll Save My Money!

And after logging out of a certain Dutch Bank with a certain creepy Dutchman, I noticed something at the bottom of the page. It was so weird and unique that I had to log on twice to catch a glimpse of it. Frankly, I just couldn’t believe my eyes.

What could have possibly caught my eye?

A Certain Dutch Bank gets All Social Media

Well it was an advertisement for a Facebook Fan Page for this certain Dutch bank and it’s creepy Dutch spokesman. Yes! I kind you not.

Finally my dreams have come to fruition. It’s like like a Social media freaking Ice cream sandwich! Facebook Fan Pages and Online banking together at last. What could possibly go wrong!

First – I just hope that a certain Dutch Bank didn’t just use any Social Media Expert to venture in to the world of Facebook Fan pages. Hopefully they used a certified Social Media Expert from Birmingham City University’s new Social Media Expert Certificate Masters program.

A Facebook Fan page, for a bank? Seriously? I’m kinda speechless.

Second – Although she’s a Diehard Canucks, CarmeninCalgary) seems to have a pretty solid little story of Tim Horton’s Ettiquette.

Third – Inside Mark Cuban’s $25K Tweet. I know you’re all pretty tired of this stuff, but you have to admit this string of tweets is pretty entertaining. Isn’t technology just peachy!

Fourth – The brains behind Fake Brian Burke comes out with his list of hilarious April Fool’s pranks for some the NHL’s biggest names.

NHL Director of Officiating Stephen Walkom – Play hilarious prank on Flames fans by changing goaltender interference rules for one game without telling anybody.

Fifth – First it was a sustainable Soccer League in North America. Next they started bringing in decent stars. Now they achieved Hooliganism … in Columbus of all places . Is this a sign that Soccer is now established in North America? Is Hell freezing over? Are Mullets going out of style in Edmonton?

Sixth – By the way, what’s the deal with Columbus and sporting violence?

For the record, threatening to kill someone is one thing, but threatening to bomb them that’s another thing. Talk about taking it over the edge a bit!

Seventh – Bumbershot has leaked it’s initial line-up for 2009 … Modest Mouse anybody?

Eighth – Is it just me or is there a touch of Kanye in these them cards?

Either way they are fantastic!

Ninth – So somewhere along the way I lost a bit of the hidden comic book nerd in me and subsequently I lost track of all the comic book movies coming out this summer. Seems like G.I. Joe: Rise of The Cobra already has a trailer.

And yes the c.t.overdrive will be referring to this movie as Rise of The Cobra. Deal with it.

Tenth – Eboy is now selling iPhone skins of some of their great Pixelated illustrations.

Now all I need to do is purchase an iPhone….

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