Random Thoughts For A Fake Christopher Walken Friday March 27, 2009

… and the prize for most hilarious fake celebrity twitter account goes to the Christopher Walken account

Second prize goes to the fake Brian Burke account with a close third going to Cobra Commander.

And while we are on the topic of fake twitter accounts, I just want to state that fake twitter accounts are to desperate journalists what The Onion was to reporters in 2004

Okay, one more sidenote. If you’re interested here are the stories of the two fake accounts: Christopher Walken & Brian Burke.

First – Well we all know you can blog your way out of a job and Facebook your way out of a job. But how about Tweeting your way out of a job? … Well guess what it can happen.

SecondJohnathan Snook a fairly predominate freelance Java Developer and member of the Ottawa Tech community has made the decision to shift away from the Freelance lifestyle and accept a position with Squarespace of Manhattan.

While typically, news of this sort of industry tid-bit probably wouldn’t be published on the old overdrive, some of the comments he makes about the trials and tribulations of a freelance/start-up ring very true.

Finally, I hadn’t been very good at managing my own priorities which led to being overworked and possibly depression — something I had a tough time admitting to myself or those around me. This is probably the biggest issue and certainly the hardest to admit to so publicly. If a timeline slid, it’d mean that billables would slide, too. To make up the difference, I’d take on more work. With more work, I had to divide my time, ultimately getting less done than I would have if I focused singularly on one project. Of course, with more projects not getting done, billables slid, and I’d take on more work to make up the difference. Being overworked with little sleep and even less social contact left my mind frayed.

Third – Umm … Man punches a Bear? What a fantastic shirt!

Fourth – Speaking of Punching out Bears. This little doosey from the Irish Independant is a beaut – Irishman gets hand sevred by a sword and then punches out his assailant. (via. ChristmasFuture)

The lesson to be learned … Generally don’t mess with the drunken Irish.

Fifth – From Jay Mirtle’s Blog – Will the RATS of Florida ever come back?

Sixth – My new favorite band of the moment is the Winter Gloves.

Seventh – Lots of people are either loving or are up in arms about the 25 million dollar logo re-branding of Alberta (via. Splorp)

Personally, I think it’s a great new logo and a great re-branding. Of course the comments regarding the price tag on CBC are hilarious, but one of the comments sorta put the monetary value into perspective.

25 Million over three years for a province that brings in 40 Billion.

Now people, this isn’t like a reprint of your business cards or small change to your web site. This is a massive undertaking. Let’s just be thankful it didn’t turn into the Pepsi-emoticon fiasco.

EighthSneakerplay – an online social media network for Sneaker Freaks is revived from the Deadpool.

Wo! Wo! Wo! How does an online Social Media Network for sneaker freaks slip through my radar. Seriously, this is ground breaking! Sorta like learning that you can buy cheap t-shirts at Threadless or crazy t-shirts at Rumplo!

I’m embarrased.

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