SXSW09: Stuff White People Like Monday March 23, 2009

It’s pretty obvious that Caitlin and I are huge fans of the Supreme Overlord Blogging Queen Dooce, so when she’s on a panel at SXSW I tend to gravitate towards it.

So it’s no surprise that I took in the UR Blog Sux and Print is Dead. Which was a panel discussion on Professional Blogging and how the interaction with audience can evolve beyond your expectations. (i.e. Death Threats, lots and lots of Death Threats against you) The panel was great and entertaining and everything else you’d expect from the great collection of Bloggers assembled.

But the surprise of the panel had to be Christan Lander. His hilarious take on his sudden rise to fame and all the prat falls that encompases such a transition, was hysterical and a breath of fresh air.

… and now you’re probably all like who the f#$% is Christan Lander?

Christan Lander is the Ph.D Student behind the enormously funny web site Stuff White People Like?. Is it politically correct? No. Is it hilarious? Yes! Does it make all white uncomfortably squeamish in the realization that we’re actually not that unique? Yes. Does it induce Death Threats? You bet your arse it sure does.

For those who haven’t caught on to SWPL, you should really take a gander over there and check out some of the work. It’s hilarious and a great read. Better yet if you get a chance pick up the anthology book and leave it on your coffee table.

Whenever there is a pause in your evenings festivities whip it out and read a passage. Then watch the awkward laughs and silence as everyone realizes we’re really not that cool…

From #123 Mad Men

During the actual event you should constantly mention how much people used to smoke and drink back then. A few white people will lament the days when they could smoke anywhere, then another white person will say something about cancer and it will get awkward. At this point you should try to steer the conversation back to cocktails and how good everyone looks.

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