SXSW09: The Loudcrowd Saturday March 21, 2009

The first time I went to Texas, I was all over every app I saw. Didn’t matter what it was I wanted to know about it and sign up for it … Subsequently I spent the rest of the year unsubscribing for a variety of Social Media apps before the hit the Deadpool.

Now that I just completed my third tour of duty, I’ve learned that only a handful of the apps pimped at SXSW ever survive the first year of existance. Most flounder and fade into obscurity.

If you ever head down there, you’ll notice that there are lots of people with great products and no idea how to turn a profit. But better yet are the people struggling to find a way to turn the music industry around. You’ll see about a dozen or so skimpy ideas being tossed around. Most are complete rubbish … all except for

The Loud Crowd

The LoudCrowd is series of online games developed by members of the RockBand & GuitarHero development team, which exposes you to crazy amount of new music and rewards you with free tracks as you progress.

You join up, create an avatar, then start playing games while digesting some great new tunes you probably wouldn’t have heard any where else. As you progress your are rewarded with more tracks and different levels. Once you reach a certain milestone you are able to download a free track. (I’ve embedded a clip of the game below)

The Loudcrowd is a great idea and fantastically stylish design. It’s amazingly time consuming and a blast to play. The games are innovative and the music is top notch.

They are just about to head out of Beta, which really means nothing in the online world, but check it out and you can thank me later.

Free Music + Awesome Games + Plus the same great comic stylingz of Guitar Hero = One amazingly addictive web site.

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