SXSW09: The Live Music Capital Of The World Thursday March 19, 2009

Being on the whirlwind tour that is SXSW Interactive festival; it can be incredibly hard to remember that you are not just in Austin, but you are located in the Live Music capital of the World.

So as a rule when you run into two great bands at two completely random locations on the same, you shouldn’t really be that shocked.


Voxtrot played the Media Temple Closing party, which by tradition has been the most lackluster party of SXSW. Purely because 1/3 of the attendees have already fled home and then the other 2/3 are zombified from the previous 4 days of chaos.

But VoxTrot put on a great show for the remaining soldiers who could still stand. The White Gloves out of Montreal also played, but I missed them to complete my packing.

Voxtrot @ Studio A, Miami from jenny alison on Vimeo.


DataRock was a complete fluke of a show, see they were suppose to headline the Media Temple Closing party. But for some reason they bailed at the last minute. So when Andy, John and myself walked into a faux Irish pub, we were surprised to see that they were headlining the show.

I had never seen Datarock before, but I’ve heard that their brand of poppy nerdrawk was a must see… and I can officially confirm that rum our now.

Datarock – Fa Fa Fa from nettwerkmusic on Vimeo.

Now this was definitely no Tokyo Police Club party, but it was still a great evening of music.

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