SXSW09: YYC Run-ins in Texas Tuesday March 17, 2009

So the funniest irony of the entire trip so far, has been my inability to connect with the #yyc crew down here. I had been trying epically to meet up with Travis, John and Tyler since arriving. Including an epic fail to join in with the Avalonstar Bowling Extravaganza. (Apparently my epic fail tweet was the stuck on the screen for the entire event.)

It took till last night’s Big British Booze up to finally connect with the guys. Which has been a shame of embarrassing portions, but with amount of people you meet here at SXSW it’s not the end of the world.

But to make the irony a bit better, I shared a smoke with local singer/songwriter Lorrie Matheson. Although, I’ve seen Lorrie once in Calgary and live about 10 blocks from his day time job at Hot Wax, it literally took Texas to finally meet him.

So if you are in Austin for the music portion see his show“at Momo’s on March 20th, 2009”:

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