SXSW09: Marcus Brown Friday March 20, 2009

So I know you’re all excited that I’m going to talk about twitter again, because after spending 5 days surrounded by tweets, twits, twollows and twunics – I’m even tired of hearing about it.

But even as the twitter evangelist that I’ve become I thought this idea was pretty genius. It’s a series of vimeo videos by Marcus Brown where he derives the most ridiculous insights from the mundane tweets of famous web celebrities while on the john … in a pompous British accent. Sorta like Master Piece theater on the John.

This episode is about Guy Kawaski – a predominate Web/Apple/VC Guru in Silicon Valley.

Official Tweet Reading III: Reading Guy Kawasaki from Marcus Brown on Vimeo.

The concept is a great slag at the whole twitter phenomena. It showcases that even though Twitter can be a powerful self-promotion/informational tool, even the most brilliant of us are guilty of posting our most mundane events.

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