A Tweaker Revial Tuesday May 9, 2006

Like Renton and Sick Boy from Trainspotting, I’m back on the junk.

No, no, no. I’m not shooting up smack down by the orange lofts. Even better, TELUS finally fixed my DSL internet connection at home. So I am back online, back on the information super highway. Back from a one week bout of withdrawal from private high-speed internet.

First – It has been all over the news the past couple of days, but the Guardian Angels are setting-up shop in c-town. It seems the group’s expansion into Toronto led to a furry of concerned calls from the citizens of our fair city. I suspect the cry for help came from many of the people who fear downtown from thier suburban fortresses of safety. Anyways, their founder Curtis Sliwa has been touring the city and soaking up the media’s limelight. During a media confrence yesterday he proclaimed that Calgary will have a new Guardian Angels chapter by summers end.

It is far too early to make an informed decision about whether I support the group or not. It would be an understatement to note that controversy seems to follow the angels around. Many have linked the group’s actions to soft-core vigilantism, while others like New York Govener Rudolph Gulliani have praised the group as an essential part of strong communities. Sliwa even openly admitted he staged some of his heroic acts for attention in the late 70’s; still you can’t argue with elements of their track record. So I think it is far too early to take a side with the group. But what I can prematurely criticize is their amazing fashion sense.

Because, hot dam those are some sweet ass uniforms. Red Berets and Vinyl bomber jackets. Wow! That looks like awesomeness reincarnate. With that get-up and thier tough stance on crime, all I can imagine is some glorified street brawl from Streets of Rage 2.

Streets of Rage 2 Cover

Second – Kid Robot.com. I am a sucker for wicked and original action figures. I know its stupid, but at 26ish there still lives a huge child inside this cold and bitter frame. Kid Robot fulfills that hidden child in me. This is such a wonderful collection of some of the neatest custom vinyl toys.

Third – An interesting collection of signs in India, called English in India. These aren’t actual signs, but rather created by graphic designer Meena Kadri and a local Indian sign writer, based on signs commonly seen in India.

Fourth – Speaking of vigilante justice, I miss Ville Nieminen. I would love to be able to score four goals, Nieminen said. But I do whatever it takes to bring meatloaf to the table. Long live Ville!

Fifth – Looks like David Blaine’s last magic trick failed..

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