SXSW09: Fotoviewr Monday March 16, 2009

So it has to be said that Chi-Town is where it’s at. Great people and a great development community developing… And this isn’t because I’m a bit bias after hanging out with Kurt and Alex for the past three days.

Anyways, I ran into another Chicago start-up called Fotoviewr over the past two days and I have to say their app is brilliant. For people who are in to photography chewy, johnny, et al it’s a great way to embed a photo gallery right on to your personal site.

And while I could rant for hours on it’s cool applications, why not jsut check out my Polaroid experiment on Fotoviewr…

See I told you it was sweet.

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Yeah that is very cool!!

Johnny Tran · Mar 17, 12:26 pm · #permalink


It’s a great app and I’ve got a couple cards and I think discounts (Well at least for animoto). Will pass them to you at the game tomorrow night.

cto · Mar 17, 03:43 pm · #permalink

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