The SXSW Luddite Monday March 16, 2009

I have officially become the walking talking mascot for Luddites in SXSW and subsequently how not to do SXSW.

So let me preface, before coming here I knew I wouldn’t have a camera (mine met an fateful death at SXSW 08) and I knew I wouldn’t have a mobile connection. (I use Virgin mobile and because they piggy back off carrier they do not have coverage in America). I also knew that I would be the only user in Austin without an iPhone or iTouch or a MacBook or a sick combination of all three …

But I didn’t think I would have to call out an emergency repair on my laptop.

See it turns out that my laptop charger burnt its self out somewhere between the last panel and the evening time. So now, I have 2:51minutes 1:32 minutes of precious battery life for a three day tech conference.

So armed with the local phone book, a pad and paper and a hotel phone – I am now on a quest to save my SXSW experience.

Wish the King of the F#$king Luddites luck.

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Um. Good luck?

(I couldn’t let a CTOverdrive post go by without my name in it.)

Nathan · Mar 16, 02:27 pm · #permalink

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