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Random Thoughts For A Blog Yelling At My Armadillo Friday March 6, 2009

I think this Random Thoughts wins the award for the most ridiculous title yet…

Any who, Rhett Soveran forwarded me on an excerpt from the blog #$$% You, Penguin to me this week. And because I was in the middle of things I only glanced at the email, which made me think that he was throwing down at my company’s Armadillo Mascot. Then I read it again to realize it was a blog about swearing at cute animals, at which point I started to laugh hysterically at the irony of it all. (I can’t post the link because it is NSFW though – potty language in the title)

Given that I run a company named after Texas’s favorite little roadkill. You know I had to post it.

But there’s no reason you should pop out of that bucket, with your little nose and your big ears and those paws and give me a big stink eye, like, “Yeah, that’s right, I’m an armadillo, and I’m inside your @#$king bucket.”

First – One Entrepreneur is making a small fortune selling Bottled water straight from the Taps of New York. (via. Killingmichael ) What gets me about this story is that NY Tap Water is apparently the best in the states.

Second – Your nerdy boyfriend is going to drag you to see it anyways, so here’s 7 Things that you should know about Watchmen before seeing it. (via markbao)

ThirdHarder, Better, Stronger Faster as a NES 8-Bt Track! (via andrewmcintyre ) SICK.

Fourth – Duncan Kinney – a recent graduate student of Mount Royal’s Journalsim program – has set out to set-up the Ultimate Calgary Blogroll. Better yet, in his quest to find some of the cities blogs he gave a good old shout out to the old overdrive in there. (Which was much appreciated Duncan)

So if you run a blog and want to be included in #YYCBlogs send him an email and help out his quest.

Sixth – No idea how I find these things sometimes, but here’s a local Urban Culture Blog/News Feed for the city of Calgary called Hollars-Dollars … I definitely suggest you check it out.

Seventh – So if your curious if the end of the first wave of social media is a upon us, have a look at these two articles from TechCrunch. First article details the mass exodus of influential VPs from the ranks of MySpace and the second article details Facebook’s reacting to competition by making a huge switch towards Twitter. Interesting times to say the least.

Eighth – From Mr. Music-Critic himself Nathan – A graphical representation of Musical Tastes and how they influence your SAT Scores. I have a feeling that God Speed You Black

Ninth – Stupid Penguins on Cool T-shirts

Zoo Shirts - Penguin T-Shirt

Ten – While the excitement of Tradedeadline day’09 is finally over you can at least recap the hilarity on Jay Onrait’s Annual Sitting in his bath robe blogging about his ridiculous co-workers on TSN Trade Deadline Day recap.

8:42 – Another e-mail. This one from Jordan Williamson: “How do the boys in the TradeCentre studio go to the bathroom without missing any breaking news? Does Pierre wear a diaper?” … I believe the term is ADULT DiAPER. Please show some respect Jordan. I also understand that TSN Bedpans are in use and will be auctioned off after the show.

Eleventh – Also pick up this morning (Friday March 6th) metro for a quote by the old overdrive about Bow Valley College using Twitter to interact with their lectures.

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That’s the second mention of my name in the past week. Things are really starting to come together for me ….

Nathan · Mar 6, 02:39 pm · #permalink


Three more references to you in this month an d I’m going to officially hand over the c.t.overdrive reigns to you my friend.

We’ll just call it n.a.overdrive…Or something catchier…I just haven’t thought of what yet.

cto · Mar 10, 02:43 pm · #permalink

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