Hey You! Listen up! SXSW is EASY! Thursday February 26, 2009

So listen up kids! If you haven’t heard news, but SXSW is EASY

Yes, yes, yes, I’m using the ol’overdrive to pimp another corporation project, but this one is interesting and some what comical.

A couple of months ago the Stalelife guys (Kurt and Joe) approach NonImage (Andy) and myself about helping to launch a definitive guide to SXSW for the ’09 rendition. So after months of planning and behind the scenes work, we finally released this sucker to the world just in time for the festivities to kick off.

While there are dozens of other sites out there giving you the run down on SXSW, this one is different. It’s a content based site, but the content is funny and relevant.

We’ve created an entire list of all the best sessions to check out and some hilarious Do’s and Don’ts. We’ve even built an entire section on things to do in Austin, that points out some of the city’s quirks and bests … Including Leslie Austin’s Most Famous Tranny. We’ve even included some stellar photos, so you can keep your eye out for my mug mawing down on some colon destroying Tacos.

So check it out, provide some feedback and if you’re into it follow the SXSWisEASY Twitter account

(P.S. A big thanks goes to Kurt, Joe and Andy for their working and letting the corporation be apart of this project)

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