Random Thoughts on a Mind-Numbing Friday Friday May 5, 2006

What a mind numbing Friday. Honestly, is there anyone who wants to be stuck inside staring at a computer today? Its 24 degrees outside, anyone else want to be at their computer? I didn’t think so.

So, I’d love to wow people with endless stories of debauchery and stupidity from this past week, but to tell you the truth life’s been far too domesticated. If I wasn’t unpacking or dealing with Telus, my mind was dedicated to intense interior decoration (i.e. trying to make the apartment look smaller than it is) and conjuring up new ways to fatten the new roommate with Fiasco Gellato. Notice the bags under my eyes in the picture below. You’d think I could attribute that to pure stress, but rather its pure internet withdrawal. Seven days without a DSL makes me go crazy.


First – My old Elementary/Junior – High Rideau Park is celebrating it’s 75th Birthday this weekend. Seems like the school is collecting memorabilia from the decades to auction off. Besides one of Jukes’ old Banana stained t-shirts or some tattered library books, I don’t think I really have anything to donate. Or I could donate my pure hatred for the rich SOBs that manipulated that wonderful school into thier own little private daycare. $20 bucks to attend an open house! Are you kidding me?

Second – Twin Rate:American Junk FoodIn the immortal words of Ralph Wiggum: it tastes like burning. And it does—lord, oh sweet savior, it truly does.

Third – A pretty neat consortium dedicated to Pixel Art – Eboy. They have some pretty neat pixel murals, including one mural of London and an epic battle between Robot Broncos! (via Kottko.org)

Fourth – The Eggling, it sprouts!

Fifth – Blik Wall decorations are apparently available in Canada at the Home Depot. The space invaders motif is pretty wicked.

Wait just one second here. Did I just post a fucking link to Home Depot? Not just any link, but a link to euro-trash wall magnets? Oh shit, what manner of frail version of my former self have I become? Jesus, I am a caricature of Frank the Tank. What’s next? A Saturday morning visit to Bed, Bath and Beyond? What has my life been reduced to? No more booze, just home decorating. Abandon ship! Get me some Jack Daniels. Load the beer bong with Rolling Rock. Somebody please save this poor man’s soul.

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I meant to write earlier, but to help the hurting stop check out hockeyfigts.com and lets relive the beat downs we handed out to those silly birds.

travis · May 5, 03:09 pm · #permalink


What about round 2 predictions?

Scott · May 7, 02:26 pm · #permalink

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