My Town Tuesday February 24, 2009

So Friday Night I went to The Art Life Gallery (Just off of 1st Street) to check out my old buddy Chewy Garth and Jamie Tilston’s photo exhibit My Town. It was a fun little soiree and all three artists (there are three artists exhibiting at the moment) have an amazing eye for photography. The show runs until March 6th,2009 so if you are in the area go down and have a look.

And if you’re interested in some more of their work, Mr. Chewy Garth has some of his photos up on his Tumblr Account and Jamie’s work can be found on

… and if anyone can guess who’s drinking the beer in the picture below they get a free prize…which is yet to be determined … and might not be that exciting.


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Is it Leatherface?

Dark Manyluk · Feb 26, 12:37 pm · #permalink


Dean McAmmond?

cto · Feb 26, 06:31 pm · #permalink

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