Random Thoughts For Y tim K Friday February 27, 2009

A couple of nights ago on the way home from yoga, we got in a conversation about Bass players and some of our favorite bands with killer bass players. Which in turn got me thinking about Rage Against the Machine, which led me to start thinking about the legendary Tim Commerford or as he is better known as Y Tim K!

Which got me thinking about Y Tim K’s brilliant Monkey attack on Limp Bizkit at the MTV Video Awards, which subsequently became the end of Rage Against The Machine as we know it. apparently climbing on a mock Statue of Liberty, calling Limb Bizkit losers, and man handling five security guards wasn’t enough publicity to help the Zappitisa movement in the eyes of Zack Dela Rocha

Which in turn made me search for a video clip of it … because I nothing better to do.

So enjoy and happy Friday.

First – Shaq has been a very vocal twitter user for a while and here’s an awesome story about Shaq-Diesel and a run in with some twitter folks

Second – It’s a MOFOing T-Rex on a T-shirt … How sick is that?

Third – Calgary DemoCamp13 ran on Tuesday and while there were some wicked presentations (the boinking sheep game and Percy’s VideoGuest Book for weddings comes to mind) the highlight had to be the announcement of the WineCollective a new wine of the month service that is launching in March.

Essentially it’s like a Threadless T-Shirt of the month club, but for wine. For $39 bucks a month you can get fantastic bottles of wine shipped straight to your door .. Better yet it’s a product developed here in Calgary. How sick is that?

Fourth – Because he’s almost as insane as Y TIM K …. it’s Kanye’s VH1:StoryTellers rant about Chris Brown, Thom Yorke and O.J.Simpson … Kanye you crazy boy … You CRAZY!

Fifth – (via. Lyndsey Bourgon) – A great article on a successful Farm to Plate restaurant in of all places small town Missouri.

Sixth – Hey! Looks like Armadillo Studios has recieved some more props via CSSFlavor.com. Looks like our old Music-critic.ca redesign has made their cut.

Seventh – Wow! I completely forgot how awesome picnik.com is as an online photo editing software tool. It’s a great way to crop images for blogs or thumbnails for projects when your on the go and away from Photoshop for a bit. Better yet, if you don’t own Photoshop and you take pictures why are you not signed up for their service?

Picnik.com's killer redesigned site

EighthThe Seattle Sounders MLS Football club is now on Twitter … or someone pretending to be the Sounders FC is now on twitter.

Anyways, they’ve linked to an interesting write-up on the early marketing success of the new franchise in the Seattle Market.

Ninth – Have you heard of the new WarChild Record being released called Heroes?

I only just heard about it after scanning Lainey Gossip, but apparently it is a collection the legends of music (The RollingStones, Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder etc.,) hand picking artists to cover their most cherished songs.

Umm … sign me up for a copy.

Tenth – You know what was a wicked game? Dune II .. So nerdy … so good. (via. Kottke.org’s take on The SpaceGame)

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