Random Thoughts For A Snippet of the Polaroid Experiment Friday February 20, 2009

So last week I bragged about purchasing a slew of Polaroid film and then placing them in the freezer.

Travis then informed me that Polaroid film, unlike regular camera film CANNOT be frozen. Unlike regular film, the chemicals that create the Polaroid magic need to react with each other and if ice crystals form between the chemicals you get ruined film … or the chemical equivalent to the flux-capacitor …

I actually have no idea on the actual science of the whole situation. I sorta slept through Chem 20 in high school. Either way I thought I would give you a snippet of how the film turned out since it’s 4 day stint as Han Solo’s new best friend.

First – You know I love Mark Cuban. So imagine, my surprise when he provided some insight into how the Dallas Mavericks evaluate players in the NBA on his blog.

As a sports junkie, this sort of insight is extremely intriguing.

Second – More Golden Font T-shirtness – Space Ship Earth!

Third – So did you watch the Brit Awards earlier this week? Did you catch the Estelle vs. The Ting Tings Collaboration? Did you realize that it was done by The HoodInternet earlier this year.

If I was the Hood Internet I would be taking this as a complete and a amazing compliment.

Fourth – (via Jeff Finley) You can now purchase a roll of FAIL STICKERS

Fifth – So unless you were glued to your computer last night refreshing your favorite Hockey Message board, here’s a more detailed synopsis of what happened with the Big Montreal Canadiens scandal that broke late last night and how the rumours spun out of control.

Sixth – (via. Jason Kottke.org) Finally some love for Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut

Seventh – Hey Kiddies! It’s that time of month again … it’s Calgary Demo/Bar/Wine Camp!

If you’re not sure what A demo/Bar/Wine camp is, essentially it’s where web designers & programmers all meet to share a couple of drinks and watch local people demo their latest project or business venture. It’s essentially a free trial run for Entrepreneurs and their products.

At the first DemcoCamp I attended Curve Dental and their amazing Dental Software was one of the feature presentations. Since then they’ve been featured on Shaw T.V and City T.V.

So it’s a great way to see some of the bright ideas coming out of the city and to help give some love to our up and comers.

Eighth – It’s been a while since I checked out the HicksDesign Blog and because of which I found this gem of a link to a great new (.pdf book) called Designing For the Web. With all the talk of a web developer group in Calgary, I thought it might be cool to spread some more love around.

Ninth – What’s this? What’s this I see? Did Armadillo Studios get featured on Cardobserver.com?

We sure did!

Tenth – From Kanye West’s hyper crazy blog – a video of Light Art=

Forest from LICHTFAKTOR on Vimeo.

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Dude…I’ve gotta say, I’m loving this little ‘polaroid experiment’! The faded, shifted colours are pretty awesome! I guess it wasn’t that bad after all.

Sorry to give you a panic, though!

hobo4hire · Feb 21, 11:39 am · #permalink


PS – I’ve got to say that I got pretty sucked into the Canadiens scandal reports – police waiting at the airport! Scandalous photos! We won’t be talking about hockey!

There was a quote from Habs fan on HF – “even our scandals are in slumps.”

Lolz @ teh internets!!1!!11

hobo4hire · Feb 21, 12:17 pm · #permalink


No man, Thank you for heads up.

If you hadn’t said anything, the 8 packs of Polaroid film would have been frozen for 10 months, rather than 4 days. And I think that would have done irreversible able damage to the film. At least now they’re usable.

The Polaroid film is a lot of fun to play with at the moment, especially with the decolonization. You can also tell that there was some damage, because when the film starts developing it doesn’t crystallize as fast or as uniformed.

And I totally fell for the whole Montreal scandal. Arrests at the Airport! Damaging Photos. It was nut bar and I so wanted to know more.

It had to be something crazier than usual if it was Montreal. Where is in the world is acceptable to sleep in an impala off of St. Catherine’s street?

cto · Feb 21, 09:35 pm · #permalink

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