Tuesday February 10, 2009

Andy from nonimage fame, has released a stellar little music side-project called

Essentially, it’s a guerrilla music experiment utilizing Edinburgh’s Urban Landscape as it’s back drop. They take local artists (and vistiting artists) out to the hidden elements of Edinburgh’s lush tapristry and record an accoustic track.

They’ve got one track up now and more shortly. Check the video below to see Come On Gang’s session.

So for new music across the pond, check out

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You are far too kind. (There are 2 tracks so far, both from Come On Gang)

Andy · Feb 11, 04:44 am · #permalink


No worries Andy.

It’s a brilliant idea and an even better web site. I hope it takes off and spurs a lot of great session.

I hope you plan on doing a couple of sessions in Austin! Or better yet do a couple of sessions here in Calgary.

If i find any bands flying over to Scotland for a show, I’ll hook you up with them.


cto · Feb 11, 09:15 am · #permalink

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