Random Thoughts For Polaroids in a Freezer Friday February 13, 2009

So a couple of weeks ago a quest was sanctioned.

Not just any quest mind you, but a quest for Polaroid film. (I plan on detailing this quest in another post, but for the time being that’s all you need to know).

Anyways, the quest final ended on Tuesday night as we had to trek to UPSucks to pick up our newly traveled packs of Polaroid Film from Austria. The little guys are officially tired and now the get to spend the next few months hangin gout like Han Solo in the fridge.

A big thank you goes to poploser for his twits and his link to a flickr photo which in turn linked to Polapremium, which in turn allowed me to pick some polaroid film.

First – Alright guys! Alright Threadless! Now we are starting to get on a roll …

Not Safe For Work! - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

The Stapler of Suffering has always been my greatest nemesis at work.

Second – On occasion, The MSN Messenger daily bulletin seems to be a decent source for a couple of good little articles. Anyways, to promote the release of the International, they released a gallery of 10 Movies/T.V.shows that predicted the future. Who knew that the X-Files spin-off would be so relevant.

Third – It looks like the Economic downturn has started to hit our local charity scene.

Fourth – (via. andrewmcintyre) National Post reporter has total Twitter melt down; reproduced for all to see

The use of f-bombs in that exchange is priceless.

Fifth – I’m sorry, but I still can’t get over this … Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams are engaged!.

Yes and I know it’s not the Bryan “Summer of 69” Adams, but still Ryan Adams with Mandy “Walk to Remember” Moore? Really…

This is probably bigger than Conor Oberst dating Winonna Ryder.

Sixth – The sales pitch that won the gig to design the horrendous new Pepsi Logo has finally been revealed

The presentation, by the Arnell Group … contains visual representations of and comparisons with the following: the golden ratio, the Mona Lisa, the Parthenon, the Gutenberg Bible, the earth and its magnetic fields, and the solar system/universe.

Funny, I don’t really see the Mona Lisa. Every time I look at the new logo all I can think of is Evelyn.

Seventh – (via the cbccalgary) It looks like Redpoint Media has closed down CalgaryInc. Which was probably one of the best reasons to be associated with the Chamber of Commerce.

Eighth – Calgary’s version of twestival went down last night at the Auburn. Good times where had by all and an interesting panel really made the event worthwhile. Congratulation to Will, Wendy and roger for their hard work.

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Don’t freeze polaroid film!!!!! It’s not like regular film!!!

Google it!

hobo4hire · Feb 13, 10:30 am · #permalink



Thank you for the heads up.

For those curious, regular film is okay to go in the freezer (which I have been doing for years), but Polaroid film shouldn’t go in the freezer…It should go in the fridge

Fingers crossed because the film has only been in the freezer for two days. But there might be another equally as expensive round of film purchases from PolaPreium coming soon.


cto · Feb 13, 12:52 pm · #permalink


Alright, so more research has yielded this Information from Flickr

The problem with freezing is that you are taking development chemicals out of solution. Then, when it melts, they cannot always dissolve back into solution…which leads to precipitates and all kinds of improper functioning.

Yet, some people say it works. I’ve seen the same thing with the Kodak E-6 development kit. Many people claim success in freezing and thawing the components to extend shelf life. Yet, Kodak’s offical word is DON’T.

The quest for the answer continues.

cto · Feb 13, 01:45 pm · #permalink

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