Photos on Page Six Monday February 9, 2009

Because I always wanted to be on Page Six of the Sun’s dreadful Entertainment section, the old overdrive is doing a bit of our own people around town photo-socialite collage.

Thank you to the people who made it out to our engagement party on Friday.

So below is the old overdrive’s attempt at acting like a Calgary socialite…

So why Sam’s Deli? Why not another more swankier venue.

For this to make sense, you have to know that the history our relationship doesn’t necessarily start in the summer of 2007. But rather long, long ago during our broke university days. When I used to hang out with the D.A. in Kensington (well it’s not like that has really changed). Anyways, on occasion the Urban Studies Alumni would meet-up at Sam’s (and the Den) to laugh about our Profs and share a few stories.

Of course at the time neither of us knew that we would be holding our engagement party at this venue, three years later. But it is essentially the place where we first met and had the chance to hang out with each other… outside of university.

So as a sentimental acknowledgment of that past so many years ago, we decided it would be fitting to have the party there.

Anyways, a big thank you goes out to Caitlin’s good friend Krystal for the pictures.

And yes, we know that there are no pictures of the two of us together that night…and that was how we planned it.

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Yes! So glad I made the cut!

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