Random Thoughts For Shamrocks And Shenanigans Friday February 6, 2009

Rejoice! Re-f#$king-joice! It’s finally here!

So after struggling to find time over the past month and a half, Caitlin and myself have finally found sometime to tonight to throw our engagement party. And to start this day off on the right note, I thought I would post some faux-Irish Lullabies to get things going.


First – Threadless has announced that ti will be releasing BESTEES awards every month from now on. Which is another step in the right direction for righting the good ship Threadless … All we need is a few more t-shirts like this …

Rock is dead and paper killed it. - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

and less of this …

Extra Pulp - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Second – James Duthie takes on the controversy of Ray emery vs. The Russian Trainier”:http://www.tsn.ca/columnists/james_duthie/?id=265560 … Priceless.

Does he have a phobia of bareheaded goalies? Did his father force him to wear at hat at all times as a child, scarring him for life and turning him into some demented serial…hatter? And did he not know it was “that” Ray Emery? The one who enjoys chuckin’ knuckles more than a sprawling glove-save in overtime?

Third – From the stalelife guysAn interactive-geographical-time line map of key words twitted during the superbowl

Very cool graphic….The best part is watching the random comments in Idaho or Louisiana.

Fourth – This shirt is sorta like the kitschy Tuxedo Tie Shirt, but to a whole new level of awesome.

Fifth – Welcome to the new trend of the re-bachelorization Party

And a customized grey T-shirt with the words “Single again!” emblazoned in navy across the front. Amid the ruckus enthusiasm, Mike mistakenly put it on backwards. Machismo jokes ensued: “His wife used to dress him!”

Sixth – A great article on Daylighting and why it is important to encourage it for our generation of workers. (via. Adam Wagner)

So what are the chances that any company in Southern Alberta embraces this idea? Or would they rather try firing all of their 19-25 year old employees for writing in their Live Journal account.

Seventh – (via. D4V) Kanye’s Entourage Not a doctored photo at all. If I had an entourage, this is how they would look. Tightest get-up ever!

Eighth – First it was T-shirt Hell and now it looks like Juicy Campus has shut it doors … and really damn. Who doesn’t want to be exploited on a college forum as a skank for all the world to see …. Really what a shame. (insert crocodile tears of sadness)

Ninth – speaking of Skanks – great video from the onion News Channel – Are Reality Shows Setting Unrealistic Standards For Skanks? (via Rhett) I don’t have to point this out because it’s fairly obvious, it’s not safe for work by any stretch of the imagination.

Ten – How twitter is changing the Travel Industry (via. chriswinfield)

Problems no longer ‘quiet’
“We had one of our (frequent guest) members Twitter from the front desk when the hotel was giving her a hard time,” Michael Davis, co-founder of Tablet Hotels, says. “We caught it within 30 seconds of posting, and our customer service called the hotel to resolve.

Finally an industry that gets it.

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