Random Thoughts For Salt in The Wounds Friday January 30, 2009

This is probably bad karma to point out, but as a diligent Flames fan I have to rub salt in the open wounds of our brothers to the north, whenever I get a chance.

So on wednesday, The Fan 960 released this beautiful musical parody of Lola, for the Oilers faithful to honor their 10-2 drubbing at the hands of the lonely Buffalo Sabres. Better yet someone at calgarypuck.com has gone ahead and fused it into a YouTube video to take it to a more visual level.

This was a debacle of monumental proportions.

Best Friday morning video ever.

First – GoMedia has officially trumped the Obama/RUN DMC T-shirt for Best Obama Swag – with it’s very own Obama Skate Deck

Second – Nice Job Threadless. Now you’re finally starting to get back on track with quality T-shirts. Well done Threadless.

Third – Holy Wow! Holy Wow! T-Shirt Hell has closed it’s doors and the owner has left one helluva good bye message By no means is the Safe For Work, but it’s damn hilarious. (via. Techcrunch)

Fourth – The Ten Best Halftime shows of all time (via. SI.com)

Fifth – Lebron James is a Space Alien. It’s true read about this man’s incredible physique in Sports Illustrated’s latest issue

Sixth – Forbes has created a list of the top 100 companies that will survive the next 100 years. Of the top 100 only four are Canadian.

If you’re curious Nortel, RIM and Armadillo Studios don’t make the list. Albeit the Armadillo Studios one is an obvious oversight. I will be emailing a strongly worded email to Forbes later this week, with excessive punctuation, cross eyed emoticons and bad grammar. That should fix them up.

But EnCana, TD and the Royal Bank do make the list.

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TELUS! Lasting another 100 years! That cannot be allowed to happen. Revolt I say.

PMC · Jan 31, 02:09 pm · #permalink


If 100 years of slow response times, incompetent installers and bad animal commercials are in our future, then god help us all.

cto · Feb 3, 09:12 am · #permalink

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