Random Thoughts For Taking Your Parents To The Movies Friday January 23, 2009

Last night I had a movie date to see Gran Turino … with my old man.

In this pressed for time day and age, I know it’s a weird thing to do. Taking your parents out to the movies and all, but to be honest it’s probably one of the best ways to spend time with your parents. I say it’s actually more fun to go to the movies with your parents then the usual crew and here’s why:

  1. They probably haven’t been to a theater in years – Here’s the formula multiple your parents age by 0.07 and you’ll probably figure out how many years it’s been since they last went to a movie. So to them it’s going to be a fun new experience, something that is not a routine activity.
  2. There’s a good chance that they haven’t seen the movie you really want to watch – Movie theaters usually don’t target their movies to the older generation, because frankly that’s what DVD players are for. So if there’s a movie that all your friends have seen and you’re dying to see it, ask one of your parents to come. They’re probably about the only people on the planet that haven’t seen it. Trust me it’s a fail safe back-up plan.
  3. No Questions – The beauty about a movie (and why it’s a horrible place for a first date) is that you really don’t get to talk much. So it’s quality time with your parents without dealing with the Spanish inquisition into your life. No questions about your love life, no questions about so and so. Just a movie, popcorn and maybe some Junior mints.
  4. Get to Relive The Past – Usually a conversation will come up, about how much of a pain of ass you were when they had to take you to see The Transformer movie or the Care Bear movie when you were a kid. It’ll make you realize how much time has passed and how awesome your parents were for sitting through 2 hours of Roadblock vs. Cobra commander Banter.
  5. Who knows when you’ll get the chance again – It’s a reality of life, but who knows when you’ll get the chance to go to the theater with them again.

First – Here’s a nice little Fiasco story for a Friday morning – Ad Agency Exec goes to Memphis to Present for FedEX. Ad Agency Exec has a Twitter account. Ad Agency Exec mentions how brutal Memphis is as city. FedEx executives (who love Memphis) forward on Twitter comment to VP. Ad Agency Exec gets embarrassed in front of the whole company

Morale of the story don’t F$%^ with FedEx… But feel free to mess with UPSucks.

Second – (via poploser) Social Media Experts are teh new Zombies. That’s it I’m gonna move to Cuba. If there’s anything I’ve learned from World War Z, it’s that Cuba is the place to be.

Third Fifty Four Kick Ass Logo Designs

oooo ah-aaaaa

FourthSt. Louis Rams too embarrassed to sign Simeon Rice

Fifth- The love guru has dominated this year’s Razzies.

But even better is that Video Game/Movie Disaster/German Moron Uwe Boll was nominated for a slew of awards.

Boll — whose movies include such horror or action tales as “Bloodrayne,” “Alone in the Dark” and “House of the Dead” — also was selected by Razzies voters to receive a special prize for worst career achievement as “Germany’s answer to Ed Wood,” the legendary bad filmmaker responsible for “Plan 9 From Outer Space.”

Sixth – Looks like the Zebras in the NHL are getting new threads.

Seventh – Oh snap. If RDTV gets shut down, how the hell and I going to get my weekly dose of The Soup!

Eighththe top 25 Grossing Movies of 2008. (via mastermaq) The biggest surprise for me has to be Hancock at number #4. I didn’t see that one coming.

Ninth – Wired has named muxtape one of 2008’s greatest losses.

TenthTwo Stunning Vector illustrations from n.design studio – inspiration for the new c.t.overdrive redesign and curator at web designer wall.

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