Nervous times..ner..rvous..ti.mes Wednesday May 3, 2006

I can’t even describe how nervous I am about tonight. For the past few weeks, I’ve been able to subdue my neurotic obsession with the Flames. But today it has engulfed me like a horrible case of Mexican food poisoning. I’m shaky, sweaty and I can’t concentrate on anything. So I’m not going to event talk about it.

Instead, I’ll point out that has a $10 t-shirt sale. Pick them puppies up faaaast!

I’ll try and save you some time (and distract me from my upcoming anuerism), so here are my top five favorite threadless t-shirts of the ones currently available:

  1. JC was a Streaker
  2. Happiness
  3. I Came to Dance
  4. Bigfoot & Friends
  5. Mermaid, Its What’s for Dinner
I came to dance -tshirt

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