The Maddness of the Overdrive Saturday January 17, 2009

or … ctoverdrive version 5.0

Yes, this was a long, long time coming, but I finally got around to releasing the latest redesign of c.t.overdrive. Do you like? Is it odd ball enough for yeah?

Anyways, the simple back ground of the design inspiration comes from, nothing more than my twisted, artistic and illogical mind. The overdrive has always been an online sort of mental notebook and now it reflects this mentality. Taking a page from my legion of scatter moleskin notebooks and helpful bit of inspiration from Web Designer Wall. This new rendition of the overdrive is that anti-thesis of everything that is the Web 2.0 aesthetic.

It’s not shiny, it’s not crisp and there are no real straight lines. There’s no reflections and smooth gradients. It’s just a raw, messy, visual upchuck of creativity.

If your curious as to the tools used in this design, well besides a scanner and a notepad, here are all the online tools used in this design.

While the design aesthetic is completely anti Web 2.0, the structure and basis is full on Web 2.0. The two atom feeds are in the top right hand corner with a fancy little one-inch button of the corporation. And on the side you’ll find links to ever single freaking Social Media Network I happen to be associated with. And in the footer, which I think is the best part are two direct feeds. A Twitter feed (So you can creep out all my random comments on Twitter) and also a FriendFeed which displays every movement I make on the Interweb.

So I hope you enjoy. Feel free to leave comments as, like always they are always welcome. There are couple of small design features and content updates (The Story needs a dramatic revision) that I am working on, but those will be fixed once I get a chance.

Take care,

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Wow Connor! The site looks amazing. I really like it.

Kari · Jan 18, 08:46 pm · #permalink

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