Random Thoughts For The Creepy King and His Facebook Antics Friday January 16, 2009

So a couple of month’s ago I linked to a story from the Stale Life guys about their encounter with one of Burger King’s Creepy King Tie-ins. As a refresher, It was the randomly placed wallet on the street with a free whopper in it?

Well it looks like those same ad geniuses are at it again. This time they decided to take on Facebook – with their sacrifice 10 facebook friends and get a free whopper promotion.

And just as you would expect, Facebook has gotten its knickers in a twist about the whole campaign. Personally, I think its genius. There is at least 40 people on Fahkbook, who’s melodramatic status updates I would gladly sacrifice for a free whopper.

First – Here’s a cool way to move up in the world.

Find some awe-inspiring junior senator. Approach him with a crazy, yet very grass roots method of helping him raise money for his potential presidential campaign. Develop and employ the latest trends in the Internet industry and create an incredibly successful campaign. Watch him become President. Then act all nonchalant when you are appointed head of the The US Federal Communications Committee. (via mastermaq)

Second – Damn it’s been a good week for music. First news of a Arctic Monkeys/QOFTSA collaboration is leaked and now it looks like Damon Albarn and the Gorillaz are set to release new material.

Third – For the three people who read this site and are on this twitter nonsense, Bumbershoot now has a twitter feed. Which in turn will give me more ammo to conceive trips back to Seattle.

Four – Killer freaking T-shirt from Threadless!

Five – I like the Obama overlord as much as the next guy, but even this is just a little too out there for me.

It’s a remix of Daft Punk’s Aerodynamic by Adam Freeland all done in stop motion animation with Kid Robot Vinyl Toys to celebrate Obama’s inauguration. (via. laughingsquid.com)

Cool video, I just don’t think that it’s right to assume that a Vinyl 4 inch tall figure of Star War’s Wedge is an Obama supporter. For all we know he could be a Ron Paul fan.

Sixth – More Queens of the Stone Age Goodness. This time it’s a 6 minute version of Misfit Love.

Seven – A sweet and simple tutorial on how to make classy looking screen shots in Photoshop.

Eighth – Just throwing this out there, but with all the advancements in Toothpaste and what not … Why does it still suck to go to the Dentist?

Think about it, you can’t buy a single tube of toothpaste without nine different enhancements nowadays … yet we still get cavities. Just think about it that for a second.

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