Slovakian Remote Controls and Israeli Refrigerators Sunday January 11, 2009

So to answer your questions; No, I have not started pawning hot Slovakian Remotes or Israeli Refrigerators online via the old c.t.overdrive.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about,here’s a run down. Essentially from about noon on Friday, until Saturday afternoon the DNS settings on my sever were some how redirecting to an online refrigeration/remote control company in some far off mystic land, with far too many vowels.

Dreamhost resolved the issue Saturday morning, but not before I had about four hours of pure hysteria and panic. Come on it’s understandable, it looked like some one was violating my baby!

I want to thank Mr. Miller and Master Maq for notifying me of the issue. But more importantly I want to thank Ryan and Will for their help diagnosing my hysteria. Ryan did a fantastic job of trouble shooting and assuring me my files and database had not be compromised. While Will swooped in and was able to diagnoise the issue and direct it to a DNS problem.

Thank you guys for your help and rest assured my time as a remote control salesman are officially over.

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Glad you got it all fixed :)

Mack D. Male · Jan 12, 01:13 pm · #permalink


Thanks Mack. The heads up was much appreciated.

Thanks again for all your help.

cto · Jan 13, 08:28 pm · #permalink

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