7th & Westlake Sunday January 4, 2009

So now that Caitlin’s (or Glutastic’s) friends and family have found out about the big secret, I can officially reveal the great news.

On the corner of Westlake and 7th Ave in Seattle on New Year’s we officially got Engaged. It was one of those perfectly surreal moment surrounded by Fireworks, Rain, Meth-addicted Crank Heads, a Security guard and in the shadow of the Washington State Court House, but it was fantastic and perfect.

So with that I get to introduce everyone to the future Mrs. c.t.overdrive.

Happy New Year everyone.

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Congrats man! Welcome to the club!

Kurt · Jan 4, 03:34 pm · #permalink


YAY!! Congratulations Connor and Caitlin – we’re very happy for you.

Ryan & Kari · Jan 4, 03:43 pm · #permalink



Thanks man. I feel all growns ups now.

Ryan & Kari,

Thanks for the congratulations. Let the “Kids questions” reign down.

cto · Jan 5, 08:19 pm · #permalink

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