The Adventures 2008 Monday December 29, 2008

Sorry for not posting recently, but I was on a bit of a small hiatus for the past two days. And I’ll place all the blame for this minor hiatus solely on the shoulders of Max Brook’s World War Z and Ratchet and Clank for the PSP. Two excellent, excellent time wasters…

And with that I bring you The Adventures List for 2008 … or the c.t.overdrive year in cities (which I stayed a night in). Again, just like last year’s list a good old Astrix decrees multiple nights.

Not nearly as odd as 2007 or as random as 2006, but still a pretty solid year of cities and places.

So that was all the little cities I visited this year. A fairly North American centric list of cities this year, with no trip to Europe. But it appears there is a strong, strong tie to Seattle.

Anyways, so now that I’ve bored you with that list, here’s a clip of Joe Strummer talking about The Pogues’ If I should Fall From Grace.

I have no idea why I add that clip in … Maybe it’s because, it’s a New Year. Maybe because it’s time to reflect and a time to look at the past, before stepping into the future. Or maybe I just happen to blaring The Pogues at 8:00am.

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