An Omnious May 1st Tuesday May 2, 2006

So last week I came to the realization that after May 1st I have absolutely nothing planned. I mean nothing. I don’t have a single appointment to keep. No doctor’s appointments. No tests. No website launches. No apartment moves. No flights. No team sports. No concerts. No school start dates. No movie premiers. No camping trips. No bar nights. No birthday parties. Nothing! Absolutely nothing!

I have a virtual clean slate in my schedule. While that might sound kind of nice and refreshing, unfortunately it feels pretty weird and ominous. Not in the good ominous way, but in the awkward Final Destination sort of way. It kind of feels like the powers that be cleared my schedule so I could quietly pass on without interpreting anyone’s social schedule. But rather than perish at the hands of some large truck or an upset Mighty Ducks fan, it seems like somebody dropped the ball. For some reason I still made it to work today and yet I still have nothing planned. I’m imagining a drunken Grim Reaper (of course played by Norm MacDonald) pondering who’s soul was scheduled to be stolen. “Somebody with a C? Cooner? Closner? hmmm somebody with a C?” Either that or the parents of some poor redheaded Irish kid are planning an unexpected funeral. (Not like there are many expected funerals)

So with all my free time I’ll talk about the most important thing right now – the CSS Reboot. So after some tense server moments the CSS Reboot page is up and running. As I type this out Music-Critic, is sitting at a decent two out of five stars. Although only four votes have been cast, it is a fairly average rating. Not bad for a first attempt. If you’re looking for it, Music-critic is sandwiched at the top middle of page nine right beside Style Grid, Total Spore and Even on page nine there are some amazing redesigns to compete with.

And of course the big move happened on Sunday. Yes, everything went really smooth. Unlike the exorcism of the continental, which took almost two days, the moving process was completely painless and took less than an hour. Last night we (I mean Erin) finished unpacking and banished most of the cardboard boxes to the recycling bin. I took yesterday off in a failed attempt to finish the unpacking and to ensure our phone line was properly reconnected. Unfortunately neither task was completed with any success.

Still the move is complete and now I can sit back, relax and wait for what ever life has in store for me…

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