Christmas Future & Happy Christmas Too All Wednesday December 24, 2008

On Friday night I went to the first ever #YYC Twitup at the Auburn. (the #YYC Twits are a collection of like minded techies in the Calgary region (hence the #YYC) who met and formed through various Democamps and Barcamps).

Anyways, I met a fellow named Leif who is promoting a Non-Profit called Christmas Futures. It’s essentially an e-card concept, where instead of sending Christmas Cards you forward on e-cards and a donation amount. The receiver of the card then gets to chose which African Poverty project they are interested in participating in.

Leif has been twittering about ChristmasFutures for the past few weeks and leveraging the close twitter community to help reach Christmas Future’s goal of $20K. (A Nice little bog post about how Twitter has improved Christmas Future’s ability to reach it’s goal)

Being that it’s Christmas Eve and I have an immense amounts of time on my hands, I’ve decided to help his cause out with a handful of donations. Feel free to donate $20 or $30 bucks and make a bit of difference. Maybe it means that instead of buying that itunes card for your nephew you instead help a small village with a microloan.

Take care everyone and Happy Christmas to you!

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