Rain City U.S.A Tuesday January 6, 2009

So while, I’ve only just started to filter through all the Facebook messages and finally trying to wrap my head around getting back into the swing of things. I thought I would get the mojo running by posting one or two photos from our second trip to Rain City USA (or the Emerald City or the old home of the Supersonics)

This beauty of a photo comes courtesy of the Alaskan Hwy and the area between the QWEST Field and the beginning of the Pier/Pike Place/Tourist Trap.

Nothing screams get the f#$% outta the way then a business man losing his documents.

And this my friends is why America’s Whole Foods is fantastic. An entire shelf of microbrews of the alcoholic and non-alcoholic kind. Including the incredible Guinness near-beer Kaliber.

and of course who wouldn’t want to hit up the World Famous Monorail. Yes the Monorail. MONORAIL! MONORAIL!

If you’d rather read something a bit more interesting there is also Glutastic’s take on Seattle or you can check out another outta retirement review for Music-Critic.ca – my review of Flight of the Concords record.

Random Thoughts will return in epic form on Friday.

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