Bert & Ernie Ante Up Monday December 15, 2008

Sometime something comes into your inbox that makes you laugh, but on occasion something drops into your inbox that blows your mind. This is just happens to be one of those links.

Bert and Ernie blow the roof of with some Gangsta Rap

(BTW the song is called Ante Up (Robbin Hoodz Theory) by MOP)

Big thanks to Mr. Cantle for the link.

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Reminds me of this classic:

(Wow. The internet already has ‘classics’….)

Jamie · Dec 16, 11:41 am · #permalink


ha! I forgot about that one. Very good call.

I wonder if the future holds something similar to what was predicted in Demolition Man. Maybe we’ll have a Channel dedicated to Classic YouTube Videos.

God help us all…

cto · Dec 17, 10:39 am · #permalink

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