Random Thoughts For Ragin Rudolph Friday December 19, 2008

I’m pretty sure I linked to this sometime in 2006, but what the #$% it’s #$%$in Christmas. Happy #$%#$g Christmas everyone and enjoy the Pinnacle of MADtv’s hilarity!

First – Top 3 Twitter accounts by country. Unfortunately the c.t.overdrive is nowhere to be found in the Top 400 of Canada, but I do appear in the top 20 twittter elite of Calgary. w00t motha #$%in w00t!

Second – Flickr has brought back the Santa Hats and Beards for the Holiday season.

Third – A TMNT inspired New ERA San Jose Sharks Fitted Hat. Sweetest Hockey gift ever!

Fourth – TechCrunh has a revealing post that exposes the nut-bar world of PR Firms, Technical Blogs and Start-ups that try to leverage them. It looks like TechCrunch is taking a hard stand against PR firms, their spam policies and their information release embargos. One hell of an entertaining read.

To further solidify this new stance, they’ve take on the worst PR Rep in the United States – good old Lois Whitman.

Meet Lois Whitman-Hess, from the New York based PR firm HWH. Lois is one of the most obnoxious PR people you’ll ever meet, and the poster child for everything that is wrong with the industry.

Fifth – A Fun little article about group think from Airbag Industries.

Sixth – Oh! a crazy a$$ pixelated eboy T-Shirt

Seveth – WebDesignerWall has a list of the best CSS Designed sites of 2008 … One day I will aspire to that level of greatness … One day in like 2-4 years.

Eight – BlackhawksTV has a first look at the set-up on Wrigley Field for the New Years Day Winter Classic between the Dead Things and the Blackhawks

Ninth – A great article on CalgaryPuck.com about retiring Jerseys. I know it’s never going to happen, but I always wanted to see a certain #12 in the rafter…I’m not talking about the obvious in Iginla, but HAAAAKAN LOOOOOOOB.

Tenth – And in case you didn’t see it already, check out the Armadillo Blog for a Christmas themed Wallpaper.

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