Random Thoughts For Shutting Down the Cecil Friday December 12, 2008

So if you not as up-to-date on the recent happenings in Calgary, you may have missed the news that the infamous Cecil Hotel has had it’s bar license revoked.

While, I have only frequented the bar once, on it’s 100th year anniversary with a couple of stooges (one with a cane mind you), it’s sorta a bitter sweet end to that cesspool.

On the one hand, It’s about time that the city shut down the place where people’s lives go to end … but on the other hand where will all the crackheads, meth dealers, and strung out dirt bags go? Oh yeah, probably Inglewood and Kensington.

Not to be all NIMBY and stuff, but we’re already seen a stark increase in the number of junkies in our back alley and side streets … and that was only 3 days ago.

First – It’s no secret that Yahoo has run into a few issues and is experiencing a bit of a rough ride at the moment. But you have to admit that it’s a bit shrewd and also creative to set-up a Taco Truck and offer free jobs to recently laid off employees.

SecondMSN has an interesting little re-cap of the best and worst movie career moves of 2008. It’s nice to see RDJ, James Franco (Best James Dean ever) and Anne “I Date Losers” Hathaway getting the rightful props that they deserve.

Third – I’m sure this is the sort of PR story that Blizzard (makers of World of Warcraft) have been waiting for years. Finally someone survived something because they were addicted to WOW. Which of course is a stark departure from the typical – basement Virgin, starves themselves because of their level 40 Paladin. (via. calgarypuck.com)

For the record, I think it should be mandatory for all Norwegian kids named Hans to carry around Steel Arrows and some healing herbs when venturing into the Forrest.

FourthIf architects had to work like Web Designers – A great article. And critical reading for anyone trying to understand why my hair is so grey nowadays….

Fifth – John Legend tells our god friend Colbert why Nutmeg is important during the holiday season … So priceless, but so NSFW!

Sixth – Speaking of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. Do you remember when Jon went on to Crossfire and got the show canceled … remember that day … and he remember how he also made fun of Tucker Carlson’s goofy tie … Man those were good old days.

You are on CNN! The show that leads in to me is Puppets making crank phone calls!

Seventh – It seems the Flames ECHL (i.e. our minor-minor league affiliated) The Las Vegas Wranglers are donning Illinois Governor inspired Prison Uniforms to raide money for Charity.

I’m sorry, but it take a different set of kahunas to scheme this idea and to implement it.

EighthThe World’s Greatest Commercial appears to have finally created by the Danish. It’s a sales pitch for Washing Machines and involves hundreds of shirtless women, jumping out of an airplane in unison. (NSFW)

While an ingenious sales pitch, this only proves that the Danes are almost as weird as the Japanese.

Sidenote: I’m just thinking, but the gravitational discomfort of jumping out of a plane without a shirt on has to pretty painful.

Ninth – It’s been a while since I read homestarrunner.com, but it looks like they just released Strong Bad Email #200 … Enjoy and have a good weekend.

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