Stylista Wednesday December 10, 2008

This could possibly be the most epic fashion FAIL of 2008.

Because of which I had to capture this moment for the entire world to see. So behold a Pink Argyle Socks inside a plaid Vans Slip-on runner all wrapped underneath some brown striped Dress pants.

I’m no Stylista by any means of the imagination, but occasionally I do think I’m cool enough to front the latest fashions. But I have to admit that this Argyle/Striped/Plaid monstrosity might be lumped in with some horrible fashion faux-pas from my past. You know the Cosby Sweater Fiasco of 2003 and the Joey Jeremiah Chapeau of late ’98 and early 99.

And don’t get all high and mighty on me, we all have these dark times in our past … You know it’s true.

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That is one sharp look!

Andy · Dec 19, 08:03 am · #permalink

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