Tuesday December 2, 2008

No, I’m not sending you to some second rate Canadian Adult site, instead I’m linking you to a Twitter feed of reactions to all the madness that’s happening in Canada at the moment.

Yes, is a real-time twitter recap of our fine citizenry’s reaction to governmental fist-a-cuffs that are consuming our nation. (thanks to rhettsovern for the link)

So click on the link, make some popcorn and watch the sparks fly!

… And while I’ve got your attention, I just want to point out two things.

DON’T WORRY – I’m not going to impose my political views on this situation on anyone. These are just general observations.

1) The true beauty of the Internet and its ability to spread unfiltered information, resources and opinions to the masses, is thoroughly awe-inspiring at a time like this. Within a matter of hours of the news breaking, we’ve seen dozens of web sites popping up on mass for both sides of the argument. While points, counter-points, and counter-counter-points on the subject are available for everyone to find and formulate their opinion.

It’s moments like this where you realize how truly powerful this mechanism is.

2) I hope the one real positive that will come out of all this chaos, will be a greater sense of involvement and interest in our Governmental affairs from a very apathetic nation.

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