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C.T.OVERDRIVE: Redux (CSS Reboot 2006) Connor Turner Overdrive | c.t.overdrive Redux (CSS Reboot 2006) Monday May 1, 2006 Guy

May 1st is the date for the 2006 Spring CSS Reboot. The concept take a website and completely redesign it soley through editing the CSS (thats tech talk for stylesheet). Revamp it. Make it more intuitive. Make it more standards complient. Launch it on May 1st with 1,000 other websites and recieve of new hits and great feedback from other designers.

So I entered in this springs redesign. So in between moving and work I built a brand new more colorful layout. Teh goal was to make the site stand out more. Update some of the colors without changing the current layout. Hopefully I have created a site which is more intuiative and far more enjoyable to read.

I took the same colors of the orginal site (white, dark grey, blue) and added a hot eighties pink to contrast the blue. I also added elements of graffiti culture. (Pink and white spray paint stencils and glowing letters in the masthead and ads/review font) I also went and recreated the officail mascot for the site the Music-Critic Guy. I gave the poor guy larger headphones and made him far more animated. Hopefully in the next few weeks, i’ll give him more expressions. So anyways before … Old CSS theme

and now the new ...

P.s. The move went smooth. I’m totally exhasuted, but everything is all moved in now. Now its time to unpack.

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