Random Thoughts For BewareoftheDoghouse.com Friday December 5, 2008

This video was passed on to me by a Higherpower, but I have to admit this is an important video for all you hitched men out there … It’s called bewareofthedoghouse.com.

Beware of the Doghouse – Watch more Entertainment

Yes, the whole thing is for a diamond company, but it does have some good tips … and it’s hilarious.

Now if only there was a straight forward web site that gave this sort of advice the Calgary Market … hmmm … if only this sorta thing existed.

First – This is pretty slick. In the there is no way in hell you would catch me wearing it, but I respect the man that cold sorta way … It’s an IronMan New Edge Cap.

New Era IronMan Hat

Second – Avery and Dion make Prez Hilton’s front page.

Third – Hey since we all know you’ve got nothing else to do during your work time, why not help give some rice to the poor and expand your vocabulary. Check out FreeRice.com. Each question you get right earns 20 pieces of rice for the UN World Food Program. All you have to do is know the what a word like evanescence really means. Is it a) starvation b) bandit c) gradual vanishment or d) militarist? (thanxs Mr.Haggereddon)

Fourth – Finish Goalie K….. Ah! Just watch this Krump-tacular Goalie! (thank you to wintr)

Fifth – LaughingSquid.com is helping to spread the news that Emily the Strange, possibly could have been stolen from an obscure storyline from the 70’s.

Sixth – The FooFighters cover You’re so Vain on the Grammy Announcement show.

Subsequently, Stereogum makes cracks about Tron.

Seventh – What is that I see? Are those space JAM inspired HighTops?

Eighth – Warning to all you Facecrack addicts: Yes, Dorothy it indeed does have a virus.

The Koobface messages carry subject lines like “You look so funny on our new video” or something similar, and contain a link to a video site that appears to contain a movie clip. If the user tries to watch it, a message appears saying that he or she needs the latest version of Flash Player in order to play the clip. This tricks users into downloading a file carrying the malware. An earlier version of the virus targeted MySpace users earlier this year but was quickly eliminated after new security measures were put in place.

Ninth – Wicked T-shirt. Not a fan of the vomit inducing blue, it’s still a wicked T-shirt.

God, I hate The Flash.

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