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Andrew Ference Thursday November 27, 2008

Yes, I’m going to blog about that Andrew Ference. Yes, the same NHL Player who used to patrol the blueline for the Calgary Flames during the legendary 2004 run.

The reason I’m talking about Ference, is that he has made himself a bit of a name around the NHL as a great ambassador and a hardcore Eco Warrior. Because of which he was the feature interview on The Hour with George Strompolopulos

Imagine a beautifully embedded YouTube video of the Interview and then click on this link to view the interview

Anyways, Ference is widely regarded as an anomaly in the Hockey world. Talent wise, at best he’s a serviceable 3-4 Defenseman, but he’s used his minor celebrity status and popularity among the his teammates to champion some of the causes he believes in. Which in turn has creating a role that has garnish him far more accolades than his on ice performance.

So why the props right now? Well, besides once being a regular contributor (as okotoker) to the unofficial Calgary Flames Forums, Ference is just an interesting and egoless individual. He’s a pretty down to earth guy that has demonstrated that even the smallest celebrity can make change. He’s used his minor status to get more popular individuals involved in his causes. A few years ago he became a part of the Right to Play organization and tapped Robyn Regher and Alexander Ovechkin to join him in trips to poverty stricken nations. He’s pushed the NHLPA to adopt a Carbon Neutral program with the help of David Suzuki.

And for that he gets my admiration.

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