Random Thoughts For A National Rick Roll Friday November 28, 2008

So, I’m not sure if you’ve had a chance to catch this on the news or even on the internet, but yesterday the Cartoon Network Rick Rolled the entire population of the United States of America at the Macy’s Thanks Giving Day parade.

What makes this even funnier to me, is that earlier in the morning I was Rick Rolled trying to find David Hale’s first ever NHL goal…

Coincidence? I think not.

First – Jamie sent me this image some time ago and it has been toiling in my inbox for a while, but it is a legitimate photo of President Dubya giving the Shocker.

P.S. Mr. President, that was soooooo 2002.

Second – The New York times has an interesting article on the Napoleon Dynamite affect and the chaos it is causing for the teams trying to win the 1 million NetFlix Challenge. (via. spincity.org)

Third – Further proof that a European division or conference is only a matter of years away for the NHL.

It looks the NHL has made a deal with the European Hockey Federation to create a mini series where the winner of the Stanley Cup will be playing the winner of the European Champions League in a 1 game, 1 million dollar exhibition game.

Fourth – Jamie Rennie, of the now defunct jamie’s dictionary, has a lengthy but incredibly intriguing article on blogging and the idea of coolness.

Mr. Rennie, I now officially take back all the Film Studies Major jokes I made over the past five-six years, because that was a phenomenal summation of blogging.

I give it two thumbs WAY up, buddy.

Fifth26 year old to see every a$$hole he ever went to High School with (via theonion)

Though he will initially intend to stay at home with his parents, grandparents, and other relatives, McCabe told reporters that after spending approximately five hours in their company, he will grow antsy, borrow his father’s car, and drive to nearby Marleybone Pub. There, McCabe expects to bump into at least five insufferable assholes in the first three minutes.

Sixth – The Angry Nerd takes on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the NES … Priceless (via. wintr, rhetsovern & poploser)

For the record that gooTube link is not a Rick Roll

Seventh – I just finished watching The Hour and the interview with Gene Simmons. During which they named dropped a new band from Toronto called Down with Webster...

Umm, okay so it’s probably not a safe work web site, but a damn interesting band. It’s like the Go Team! mixed with Shout Out Out Out Out and D12! It’s pretty screwed up so check it out (including the song GRIND) … at home alone … where no one can judge you.

EighthKANYE’s Got himself some new Shoes!!!!

Nine – Chinese blogger barred from leaving the country as National Security Risk. Surprisingly not a onion article.

Ten – This week I was outside having a smoke with my Neighbor and we got on the top of music. Specifically Jazz music and he recommended I look in to a drummer by the name of Billy Cobham.

I’ve spent a couple days routing through the gootube archives and this man is sick. Check out a session with Herbie Hancock and Ron Carter.

Eleventh – more from Kanye’s Blog. But it looks like the legendary Q-Tip has come out of retirement for a new record.

TwelfthBTW Happy Turkey Day to all the Americans out there and go to Threadless.com for their crazy a$$ $5, $10, and $15 sale!.

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